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Q: Can the world be peaceful one day with the
    coexistence of various religions?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: How to achieve peace?

A: Kindly visit the 5-point analysis below.

1.  What is religion?
We define religion as follows:
“Religion is a philosophy or teaching developed from the belief that the spiritual nature of a person continues to exist after the death of the body and a reward or a punishment is accorded depending on his or her behavior; and through which philosophy or teaching, there are certain guidelines devised for people to follow. ”
2. A two-category system can be used to analyze myriad things:

Category one is ‘the transient aspects of matters including life’ ;

Category two is ‘aspects involving eternity’ .

3. Examples of the transient aspects of matters:
Examples of the transient aspects of matters things that include life, births and deaths of humans, animals and plants, and births and deaths of stars, planets and myriad things in the universe.
    Examples of aspects involving eternity: 

Examples of aspects involving eternity include the Christian Trinity of the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit, Allah the one and only God in Islam, and Heaven and Hell.

4. The search process:

Humans have yet to prove the existence of the unchanging condition with any scientific evidence; neither can we falsify it. We are only safe to say that we are in the process of searching for the unchanging Truth.

5. Marching toward peace:

When humans understand that we are sharing the same interest of searching for the Truth, we will no longer discriminate against each other. If that is the case, ideally it will be possible for the world to march toward peace. 

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