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Taking Action

What can this website do in order to bring about world peace? And what can our readers do?

Upon reading the 5-point analysis in resolving differences, some readers may ask: If that’s the case, what can this website do, in order to bring about world peace? And what can a reader do?


Our message

This website wants to bring out a very important message – the more people yearning for peace, the more likely there will be peace.


On the other hand, the more people wanting to see victory, the chance of wars occurring will increase.


This website is mindful of the dangers of finger pointing, or judging who’s right and who’s wrong.  When people can focus instead on the fact that everybody is in the same quest for truth, wars will not arise that easily.


Perhaps someone will ask: what’s the use if only a few hundred people yearn for peace?

However, if billions express a desire for peace, the effect can be phenomenal. The more people expressing a desire for peace, the more attention heads of states pay to bring about peace. This is the effect this website would hope to achieve.


Your action

As for our readers, what can be done to promote world peace?


We believe anyone who agrees with our message can help bring about world peace by spreading it to any willing listener.  It is only a matter of time when a positive message can gain momentum and take effect. The more people yearning for peace, the sooner will the world experience peace.

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