War and peace are contingent upon choices made by humans.  
Primitive men worshipped various kinds of things and phenomena that were not explicable with their intelligence at the time.
Along with the passage of time, some people turned to worship a creator whom they perceived as a supreme and authoritative being. This is a very significant tipping point in the history of religion: When there is the belief of a monotheistic creator, there exists the discriminating mind that differentiates one’s heart from another’s, leading to the belief that “only what is revered by me is true, whereas those revered by other religious believers are false.”
War and peace depend on choices made by human wisdom. World peace will be attainable only if people utilize their wisdom to eliminate the discriminating mind. It is said that “Wisdom can eliminate folly of centuries.” However, without the wisdom to eliminate the discriminating mind, humans would never be able to avoid the doom of massacring one another. The development of human history is in need of human wisdom to make choices.
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The development of human history is dependent upon wisdom to make choices.