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Searching for World Peace through Buddhism and Other Religions: Transient Phenomena and Eternal Phenomena


During his studying and writing, Mr. Woo notes that social stability closely relates to religious influence, and the effect is increasing with the advancement of the technological age. He observes the worsening of killings in the name of religion, prompting his dedication to search for a direction in solving this non-negligible problem.
He notices that different religions have actively tried to promote world peace for mutual tolerance and understanding, but these actions have not reduced the prejudice.
In his search, he came across Buddhist discourses on “Transient Phenomena" (Conditioned Phenomena) and “Eternal Phenomena" (Unconditioned Phenomena) in connection with analyzing myriads things, being helpful in providing a new angle for analysis. This analysis is significant in promoting world peace.  
Mr. Woo expects to share with the public his own gains from this study. He proposes five core points, and aims to inspire readers’ contemplation of religion through Q&As.  He hopes that this project helps readers of various backgrounds (being theists or atheists) to find their life directions on the personal level; on the societal level, he promotes a mutual understanding and tolerance toward the road to the Truth.
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