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Aim and Mission

The website sincerely hopes to share a way to resolve the religious impasse in an attempt to increase the chance for achieving world peace.

We firmly believes that religions are all equal and on the same level.  It is hoped that this website can demonstrate that there is actually a sound basis for the reconciliation of the long-term conflicts among religions.  


Based on the provided definition of “religion”, followers and non-followers of all religions are encouraged to adopt the similar perspective of being “in the process of searching for the Truth”.  From there, one would be able to appreciate that everyone else is on the same path with the same goal, deserving mutual respect and peaceful co-existence.


As a result, this website attempts to explore these issues relating to religion, and to propose certain directions for thought, hoping to increase the chance of achieving world peace through stimulating joint participation in further research efforts involving both religious and non-religious groups.


We should stress that our direction is not the only approach one can adopt.  These questions are intended to serve as a starting point for contemplating about religion and world peace, and for engaging the public in exploring keys to promoting peace through rational and logical discussions.  

About us


“Centre for the Study of World Peace and Religions” is a non-profit organization established in Hong Kong.


The initiator Edward P. H. Woo, a retired lawyer and scholar in Hong Kong, is one of the founders of the University of East Asia (current day University of Macau) and has a keen interest in the study of philosophy and religious thought.

In researching for the inter-relationship between religion and world peace, he has observed various contradictions and conflicts surrounding religions, including conflicts among religious groups, or the impasse involving religion and science.

We hope our readers would give us your precious few minutes to hear our message on promoting world peace.

Registration and Subscription


You are welcome to leave your email address and register to become a learner, in order to obtain more information about promoting peace and other free materials. Please do not hesitate to register.
You will get free access to Searching for World Peace through Buddhism and Other  Religions: Transient Phenomena and Eternal Phenomena, whose print is available by subscription, and whose electronic version, for a limited time, is free for download and circulation.
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